About these tools

Ages ago I had a little tool that took the pagecount of the AfC pending submission categories - I ended up with months of data, but lost it. 😿


If you spot something which is a bit screwy, drop me a message on my talk page

Data collection & Graphs

The following data should be automatically taking pagecount readings at around midnight each day.

Pending AfC Submissions [graph]

  • Total pending AfC submissions (Category:Pending_AfC_submissions)
  • Pending AfC submissions by age (Category:AfC_pending_submissions_by_age/0_days_ago - Category:AfC_pending_submissions_by_age/Very_old)

SPI Cases [graph]

  • Total open SPI cases (Category:Open_SPI_cases)
  • SPI cases awaiting administration (Category:SPI_cases_awaiting_administration)
  • SPI cases awaiting archive (Category:SPI_cases_awaiting_archive)

Administrative Backlog

  • Total backlogs (Category:Administrative_backlog)

Articles with unsourced statements

  • Total articles with unsourced statements (Category:All_articles_with_unsourced_statements)

API Beta!

Category pagecount data collected by this tool can be queried via a RESTful API

API Keys

Everyone can use the key l33t for the time being


The API endpoint is https://tools.theresnotime.co.uk/api/v1/

Returned data

All data is returned in JSON, and where multiple results are returned (e.g. getCounts), data is returned in assending date order

A successful query will have ok: true and error: false as the first two returned JSON values - an unsuccessful query will have the inverse.

Valid actions

Currently, the only valid action is getCounts


Gets historical category pagecounts

  • action=getCounts
  • cat={category name}
  • count={number of datapoints to return, up to max 100}

https://tools.theresnotime.co.uk/api/v1/?key=l33t&action=getCounts&cat=Category:Pending_AfC_submissions&count=3 (try it)

    ok: true,
    error: false,
    category: "Category:Pending AfC submissions",
    detail: [
        dateTime: "2021-07-05 23:01:02",
        pagecount: "3829"
        dateTime: "2021-07-06 23:01:02",
        pagecount: "3676"
        dateTime: "2021-07-07 23:01:02",
        pagecount: "3599"