Public APIs

Data collection API

Category pagecount data collected by this tool can be queried via a RESTful API

API Keys

Everyone can use the key tnt for the time being


The API endpoint is

Returned data

All data is returned in JSON, and where multiple results are returned (e.g. getCounts), data is returned in descending date order

A successful query will have success: true as the first returned JSON value - an unsuccessful query will have the inverse.

Valid actions

Currently, the only valid action is getCounts


Gets historical category pagecounts

  • action=getCounts
  • cat={category name}
  • count={number of datapoints to return, up to max 2000}
Example (try it)

    ok: true,
    error: false,
    category: "Category:Pending AfC submissions",
    detail: [
        dateTime: "2021-07-05 23:01:02",
        pagecount: "3829"
        dateTime: "2021-07-06 23:01:02",
        pagecount: "3676"
        dateTime: "2021-07-07 23:01:02",
        pagecount: "3599"